Friday, July 26, 2013

[香港 HONG KONG] - 華寶食品專家 Causeway Bay steamed rice rolls 豬腸粉 for breakfast!

One morning I found myself in Causeway Bay and decided to try the hot dog from Danish Bakery to take care of business....that that is, breakfast.

After I was done, I walked towards the direction of Tai Hang, and just maybe 15 steps down, saw a newspaper stand and fruit juice vendor, that led to the entrance of a building. Curiosity took over and so I took a detour and went inside.

Now this is the lobby of the building, it looks very run down, and like a covered alleyway. Then I saw some activity on my right, and behold...some people eating at this unsuspecting eatery for breakfast. Just now I checked openrice and there is no listing for this place at all. It's a shame because I don't even know the exact address for this article.

Looking at the menu, I knew this was my style. Totally local type breakfast with variety. And check out those CHEAP prices (especially coming from the USA, unheard of).

Some congee, steamed dim sum style buns, and even fun gwor! I heard the sound of scissors, and knew I had to have plain cheung fun 豬腸粉 with all the fixin's (sauce). This was in early January and with slightly below 10 degree weather, a breakfast was not complete without Hong Kong steamed carbs.

Yep that's the kitchen, operating basically right off a cart which is the cheung fun and siu mai workstation.

5 minutes or so and breakfast #2 of the day finally came. Did I mention #1 was a hot dog up a stone's throw away outside?

Oh yes.... but wait something was sorely missing! Turns out I had to help myself.

Ahhh MUCH better. Sesame seeds must be sprinkled on top. The more the better. 豬腸粉 is incomplete without it. If this breakfast item replaced the girl in the Tom Cruise movie in Jerry McGuire, he would look at the sprinkled sesame seeds on the 豬腸粉 and say "you complete me!". That's love.

As far as how it tastes....well certainly it cannot beat the mighty Hop Yik Tai in Sham Shui Po, or Cheung Fun King in Wanchai on a cold morning at 8 am. But it's quite a nice surprise to catch this in Causeway Bay, even though it is very much hidden from view.

華寶食品專家 (Wah Po)
Causeway Bay (very near Danish Bakery)


  1. Mouth those steamed rice rolls.

    - FYG

  2. These folks probably outsource the rice rolls and heat it up themselves, but it is still way better than what you can get from places like Eggettes café, or Kowloon Tong, Sweet Indulgence where we are. Plus the atmosphere in the dark lobby of this building eating with locals is quite unbeatable.