Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gifts from Taiwan: 北港元品麻油餅 Sesame oil cake

I love regional specialties. This one comes from Yulin county, North Harbor, by a company called Yuan Pin 元品, a local delicacy called 麻油餅 (Mah You Bing), or sesame oil cake.

The name does not sound very appetizing, but apparently these make great wedding gifts. In Cantonese bakeries you have husband cakes and wife cakes (where husband cakes are savory, and wife cakes are sweet....go figure out that one!)

This one looks like an Islamic Chinese sesame thick bread (where you eat it with cumin lamb or whatever stir fried lamb + scallion dish), but the inside is made with taro. See what white stuff? It's muazi / mochi.

Incredibly smooth, delicious, and addictive. Once you remove the cake from the vacuum sealed package, consume it right away (and you probably cannot stop).


Address:雲林縣北港鎮中山路151號 (Yulin county, North Harbor Village, Zhongshan Rd 151)