Friday, June 1, 2012

[台北市] - 麵面俱到 - can you handle clams in your beef noodles?

麵面俱到 offers an interesting twist on the typical style beef noodle.

In fact they go a bit overboard with allowing you to customize.
Let's start with the soup base. You can pick 川味 (spicy) broth, 蕃茄 (tomato), and of course 清燉 (clear beef broth). But did you know you can also get pork bone broth 豚骨高湯?!

OK so you're thinking, what's so great about this place? It gets a little better...these guys allow you to add fresh clams to the beef noodle bowls!

牛肉蚌麵 (beef noodles with clams)

or how about pairing it with FISH?

豚骨鮮蚌魚麵 (clams and fish with pork bone soup)

Don't like seafood, but you love innards and parts? How about some pork organs with your beef noodles?

川味原汁三樣麵 (spicy broth, featuring beef, pork liver, and pork intestines) 

The cost for all this goodness? About NT$150 for a bowl.....maybe a bit over US$5.

In the USA, a bowl of Japanese style ramen loaded with MSG and salt will cost you more than US$10 after tax and tip. In Taipei, eating beef noodles (and so many varieties at that) seem to be the more logical choice.

麵面俱到 (Mien Mien Chu Tao Tasty Noodle House)
Taipei City, Shihlin District, Fu Hua Road 162 / #1 (Get off Zhishan station, exit #2)