Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[香港 HONG KONG] - Roasties near the Horses 永祥燒臘飯店 Wing Cheung Restaurant (Happy Valley)

Happy Valley is not known to be a food destination for international travelers. To the locals it is a place where you can go to the Jockey Club, where if you are a member you can do a number of things. For the average person, this is their legal Las Vegas, where people can bet on horse racing and try their luck. Not sure if this is still true, but apparently if you win big at the races, you essentially remain anonymous, no matter the size of the jackpot (unlike the Super Lotto in the USA, if you hit the mega millions, your mugshot becomes the theme for worldwide wallpaper).
But there is a surprising variety of interesting eats in that have their own unique characteristics.
Today we visit this neighborhood roasties shop, Wing Cheung. It has been around probably 30 years or more and has been often visited by celebrities (e.g. "has been" pop singers, but still hold some level of wealth and power) according to tabloids who have nothing better to do, than to report singer X dropped by for some roasties take out while he battles reports of infidelity, or that he knocked up a starlet while his kids were at school.
This is a pretty good reliable standby kind of place. While it does not have the level of success and fame like Joy Hing, it's a reasonable no nonsense effective and delicious establishment that does the goods quite well. Here the roast goose and cha siu/bbq pork rice plates hits the spot. The only setback for those seeking value is that they do not include a house soup like some of the other roasties restaurants (e.g. Joy Hing).
Nonetheless, recommended if you are in the area and want to get some roasties to go, or dine in with a rice plate.
永祥燒臘飯店  Wing Cheung Restaurant
G/F, 2 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley