Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[台北] - 寧夏夜市- 排骨酥 popcorn porkchops at Ningxia Road Night Market Taipei

Sure you've had popcorn chicken, popcorn shrimp and whatever deep fried little morsels.

But have you had popcorn porkchops? And mostly boneless at that too? This stuff will surely make Colonel Sanders give up the buck buck for a night in trade for some oink oink...

For a measly shade less than US$1.50 or NT$50, you get a paper bag of marinated and deep fried boneless popcorn porkchops, or Pai Gu Su 排骨酥 at this vendor with the same name as the offering, in Ningxia Road Night Market 寧夏夜市. (Disclaimer, this was circa Dec 08, I am not sure if this vendor is still around). Double that cost for a bigger bag. There's red vinegar flavor and a five spice flavor. Both are equally sexcellent and Crazy Sexy Cool in their own way.

Makes for a great movie snack too. This is what a good little popcorn porkchop should be like!

Somewhere inside
寧夏夜市 (Ningxia Road Night Market)

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