Friday, April 23, 2010

[永和] 樂華夜市 鮮芋仙 Meet Fresh (Yongho branch) - or should it be Feet Mresh?

Meet Fresh 鮮芋仙 is a fairly new chain restaurant specializing in old style/old flavor desserts, with the theme ingredient being taro. This particular branch is located in Yongho 永和 Township inside Lir Hua Night Market 樂華夜市.

There's a lot of supposed old school style desserts and the ilk. Given their namesake, it should have been a no brainer to order taro. Unfortunately I didn't get their signature offering, and everything else sampled was less than stellar.

The website claims a couple founded the business and insisted on making their taro ball dumplings from scratch and all by hand. I'm sure the first location did very well, but for some reason this branch by Yong Ho's Lir Hua Night Market isn't up ta snuff.

Cream top tea in a nice little mug. The mug was actually the best part. There are chains that do this deconstructed cream tea a lot better.

Yea yea, I know, never order tofu fa from a vendor that does not specialize in it. But I wasn't feelin' taro. Better than what we can get in the USA easily, but for Taipei this was a flopperdoo.

If memory serves, this was fun yuan (fresh tapioca) with grass jelly and di gua (sweet potato/Taiwanese yam). Another lackluster version, although the tapioca easily blew away the dehydrated stuff in the US called "boba".

Perhaps other chains execute better, but this was one a doooooozy....

Meet Fresh website:
234台北縣永和市永平路160號‎ (234 Tapei County, Yong Ho township, Yong Ping Road 160)

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  1. I recently made sweet potato dessert but never thought of putting in grass jelly!