Saturday, February 11, 2012

[基隆廟口夜市] - 世盛一口吃香腸 Keelung Night Market's "One Bite Sausage"

Out of many so called TV food celebrities out there, no one other than Anthony Bourdain, has had his fill of sausage in virtually every country or episode (save Asia, because there is food other than hot dogs).

Every food loving person will always have something to recommend when visiting some famous night market. At Keelung Temple Mouth Night Market 基隆廟口夜市, it is impossible to eat absolutely everything, or even 50% of what there is to offer, and inevitably someone will ask you to save some room to try something.

So if you are into really tasty high quality sausages and garlic, look no further than this signature stall.
世盛一口吃香腸. Literally "one bite sausage" because each weenie is small enough it fits comfortably in your mouth, whether you are straight, single, married. Of course not all weenies are equal, some are phatter than others. Each weenie runs NT $7 (used to be NT$5 in 2005 prices), and of course a piece of garlic is included. You figure NT$30 ~ US$1. So this is affordable. Even if you are a bit broke ass.

If you live in Southern California, you've probably heard of Sinbala and their sausages. While those are good if not frozen and reheated, the real deal can only be had at a place like this.

Looks a little greasy but devlish sexy right? Bourdain sadly never ate something this good.

Somehow the black pork sausage (chockful of tasty good stuff) eaten with one piece of garlic, is just a wonderous experience. Explosion in the mouth, and of course major stink breath. If only a chunk of raw onion was paired with it in addition! The effect of this, is very similar to eating Singaporean satay skewers (one bite of meat satay, one bite of raw onion). Somehow it all makes sense.

世盛一口吃香腸 (One Bite Sausage Stall)
基隆市 Keelung City (Taipei County)
仁愛區仁三路、愛四路交叉口(第43-1號攤位) Ren Ai District, x 3rd Rd with 4th Rd (stall # 43-1)


  1. Your blog is amazing - so detailed and written with punchy humor. I am combing through your entire stash of Taipei posts for my first trip to Taiwan, and am so enjoying it. Thanks!

  2. You are too kind Camemberu! Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find some useful delicious tips for your next trip.