Wednesday, January 11, 2012

基隆廟口夜市- 營養三明治 - Keelung Night Market in Taipei County - Can a deep fried sandwich be nutritious?

基隆廟口夜市- Keelung Night Market, it's like the Las Vegas strip of street food

Let us take a trip back in time....into the archives. One of the greatest things from a food blogging perspective when it comes to reviewing classical night market food, is that the receipes and offerings virtually do not change over time. There is no need to, because these vendors are excellent at what they do, do it well, maintain some level of consistency, and continue to thrive from fans and supporters all around. Which means that other than potentially minor glitches due to changes in quality and seasonality of ingredients, the end product should more or less taste the same!

But with that said, amongst the 200+ food stalls available at Keelung Night Market, this particular stall gets my vote for being the most ridiculous, wackiest, and perhaps a bit out of the box unexpected.

Presenting, the Nutritious Sandwich! 營養三明治

Copycatted and cloned elsewhere many times, but you cannot do any better than coming to this original location where it all started.

Move over banh mi and US$10++ sandwich... this beast of a Taiwanese sandwich will only run NT$50, just a shade over US$1!

The ingredients are pretty simple and straightforward.

Let's start with the bread rolls. They deep fry them first. It looks like Japanese style ebi furai. The outside is mildly crispy and roasty, with a soft inside, but firm enough to hold the mixture of condiments, seasonings, and ingredients.

Ham 火腿, tomatoes 蕃茄, cucumbers 小黃瓜, marinated simmered egg 滷蛋, mayonnaise 蛋黃醬

A Taiwanese symphony in a sandwich

My initial reaction was similar to many out there....yeah WTF?

But after eating it....WOW this is some good stuff. An incredible pairing.
Decent grub to bring on the train too.

Keelung Nutritious Sandwich
Keelung City, Ren-ai District, Rénsān Road, #58 基隆市仁愛區仁三路58號


  1. The bread is fried first? Interesting. Kind of like Japanese curry-pan. I think I'll like here!

  2. Seriously, it is called the nutritious sandwich? And can we get those here in the states? I want one!

  3. The Keelung night market in Taipei country is wonderful. You must experience it at least one

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