Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[基隆] - 三兄弟豆腐花 - Three Brothers Tofu Fa chain shop (Keelung Night Market) Taipei county

This dessert shoppe is purely reserved for when you are almost done for the evening and you want to end it on a sweet but light note, and there's like no froyo or cupcakes to be found in the area, so put on yo A$N hardcore schweet hat.

OK for this particular dessert shop, you have to get out of Taipei City. Like 30 to 40 mins drive or cab ride costing you NT$1000 or about US$30. You can also take the train from Taipei of course.

Transportation is a bit high to get to Keelung 基隆 (where you want to hit up Keelung Miao Kao Night Market 基隆廟口夜市 for its oh...200++ food stalls) and the best seafood by the north coast, but it is worth it.

Keelung's famous dessert shop is called Sahm Shung Dee Dou Hwa 三兄弟豆腐花, or 3 Brothers Tofu Custard Specialty shop. They have about 12 other locations, but you only want to go to the flagship store in Keelung which has been around since 1975 as a pushcart vendor then expanded years later into a storefront. The Shihlin branch I visited once was not up to snuff.

The three brothers are not related at all by blood. In fact they are 3 famous ingredients, or condiments rather, to accompany the tofu custard.

1) Taro root 芋頭 (pictured above and below appear to be di gua 地瓜 or sweet potato, sorry didn't see any taro lying around to be photographed...)

2) Lotus seed 蓮子 (like a big ass but sweet chickpea, as pictured in the background above)

3) Fun Yuan 粉圓, like the tapioca from your bobba tea shop, but smooth light, floury, and more importantly fresh as hell and not made from dried packaged kind.

No matter how late in the day this place hits the spot with its light delicious and sweet natural flavors.

A simple cold (with ice) tofu custard with cooked peanuts
Tons of variety here. The menu is fairly straightforward. Pick either

a) tofu custard with your choice of topping (then hot or cold which is with additional ice)

b) Tapioca with your choice of topping

c) pairing of taro and lotus seed with whatever you want

d) any combination of a, b, c with choice of topping

e) new offerings like mixed fruit with ice cream made from local fresh Taiwanese fruit

f) yaki mochi (Taiwanese style) with grounded peanuts and other yummy stuff.

g) too many others I can't remember

Pretty sure that even late into the night like 1 am to 3 am, this place is still packed or at least busy. It is a great place to take shelter during the rainy season as most of Keelung's night market stalls are outdoors.

三兄弟豆腐花 3 Brothers Tofu Fa (flagship store)
基隆市仁愛區愛四路26號 Keelung City, Ren Ai District, Ai Si Rd #26

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  1. 我一開始以為是士林夜市的那間~(倒了). 沒想到基隆也有. 好懷念正統的台灣豆花