Monday, April 12, 2010

Mister Donut Taipei

Ahhh nothing like finding a pretty boy idol type from Japan to promote your then latest offering. These pics were probably taken 2 to 3 years ago, so you may not find this limited edition seasonal kind of offering.

Why is it that a dirty old man who looks like a pseudo grandpa popeye, wearing the classic yellow raincoat who could potentially be a total perv exhibitionist chode extraordinare, is the logo of a company pimping the signature Japanese style cream puffs, be soooo popular in the SF Bay Area amongst Asian foodie fetishists (of the dessert variety), when this was hip in Japan and Hong Kong 10 years ago, and is now considered blasse over there? (remember cream puff is a French like dessert so the pronounciation in French is aptly, BLAH-SAY)

This needs to be imported into the San Francisco Bay Area ASAP and PRONTO, and kick the Bearded Dirty Papa in da ballsac, and to the curb. (For reference, there is a Beard Papa Cream Puff location upstairs from the Taipei Main Station).

Anyhoo, one of the greatest fast snack dessert food fads spreading across Taipei in the past 3 to 4 years is a company called Mister Donut, which strangely started off in the USA back in 1956 to compete against Dunkin Donuts (we'll get to that one later...) and someone in Japan bought the license to franchise MD in Japan and Asia.

Creative styles of green tea (matcha) themed donuts.  

Many years later, some Taiwanese conglomerate imported the Japanese side of the MD franchise to open up franchises in Taipei. This was an absolute smashing success, as it introduced an originally American snack with a Japanese take and spin, offered and taylored to local Taiwanese tastebuds.


The variety offered is stunning. They even carry ponti's, which kind of look like Baby Einstein Caterpillar teething rings for infants, round circles put together to form an almost octagonal shape, with a hollow center. The latest ponti and donut offerings are quite amazing (yes NEW flavors introduced when they can and often too!), where they even fusionize it with matcha (powdered green tea) with red bean paste interior! The green tea with red bean ponti was definitely a highlight of my last visit.

The best part is that all of Mister Donut Taipei's offerings (and arguably virtually identical to Mister Donut Japan) were rich in flavor yet light on the palette and stomach. They even have 5 grain and whole wheat donuts for the health conscious! Nothing overly sweet, very natural tasting. After eating even upwards of two or more, you don't end up feeling like an overweight pot bellied American couch potato (unlike Krispy Kreme that is not only too rich and sweet, but lethal in so many forms).

I honestly believe that Krispy Kreme would FLOP in Taiwan, if they cloned the exact US receipes. Why? For a country that has an extremely heavy snack culture, like Singapore, a single Krispy donut might mean taking away the valuable appetite or stomach space (from a calorific perspective) for potentially even tastier eats, for the average citizen who eats more than 5 meals (or bites) per day. That's pretty hardcore!

And get this. Dunkin Donuts is available in Taipei! I don't know who opened the DD franchise there, but whoever came up with that, did so to compete with Mister Donut Taipei.

I did walk into a local Dunkin Donuts, and was expecting to find the kind of shit eaten by police officers, stereotyped in various forms of media. Instead I found offerings very similar to Mister Donut! Daaaaaaaaayum.

So yeah, Mister Donut Taipei. Cheap, plenty of variety, light on the lips and also the hips. Sexiest donuts that even Japanese celebrities are endorsing for whatever yen and free donuts are paid to them!

Numerous locations around Taipei city, although check the website in case they come and go.

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