Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[永和市] 永和樂華夜市拉茶攤 - Yongho Township, Stretch/Pulled Tea stand Lir Hua Night Market

This stall showed up at the neighborhood Yongho Township's Lir Hua Night Market 永和樂華夜市over a year ago.

The idea is taken from Singaporean/Malaysian style "stretch" or pulled tea aka Teh Tarik. The young budding business owners took the idea a step further and incorporated several tea flavors and milk teas in the lineup, including

-Hong Kong style milk tea
-Okinawan milk tea with black (re: brown) sugar
-Indian style milk tea
-Hong Kong style lemon tea

and one or two other flavors I do not recall.

The ordering process is very simple. Pick which one you want, and a wicked demo begins (as shown on the youtube clip above).

The drink is then poured into a mini non porous plastic bag pouch (that strangely resembles American trash bags), its tip tied with a string and a straw inserted. The mixture includes ice, and you drink from it. The cost was roughly NT$30 or so which is literally US$1.

The HK style lemon tea was newly introduced during my 2nd visit in Dec 09 and I have to say it was quite horrid.

The Okinawan milk tea with black sugar was much better, not too sweet, and you could still taste a little bit of tea.

Other than that you are pretty much paying NT$30 to watch some young kid demonstrate his tarik/pulling skills and your iced tea in a trash bag. Oh yeah.

Yong Ho's Lir Hua Night Market, pulled/stretch tea stand
Yong Ho township, Taipei City

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