Monday, March 22, 2010

[礁溪-宜蘭縣] - 鵝肉郎海鮮 Goose Guy Seafood (Jiaosi, Yilan County)


Nope, not Hooters.

It's Goose.

One weekend we were on the road and driven to the eastern coast of Taiwan, of Yi Lan county, in the town of Jiao Si 礁溪. The area is known for mostly farming, local specialties / cuisine, hot spring spas.

Our gracious host settled on a restaurant for our evening meal called Er Rou Lang Seafood Restaurant 鵝肉郎海鮮, which loosely means Goose Meat Guy. Turned out to be a very popular restaurant with locals and visitors and in a way similar to Goose City in Taipei City

We didn't have goose that night at Goose Guy. Our host took care of ordering and everything was as delicious as can be

Salmon Sashimi (local Taiwanese salmon) - big thick meaty slices, just barely defrosted. Very common appetizer for sashimi (in addition to raw prawns or raw local swordfish). Soy sauce and wasabi mud bath mix sorely needed of course.

Stir fried noodles - no pix of this, but had hints of sacha sauce in it. Very nice.

Boiled/steamed local shrimp - Cantonese seafood restaurants would serve a dipping sauce of seasoned soy sauce with chili peppers or jalapenos for a dish like this. All we could use was unfortunately the soy sauce and wasabi. The shrimp was a lot tastier than the salmon.

Hollow stem veg stir fried (kung xin cai 空心菜) - Sure you can get this at any Chinese restaurant, but this version is locally grown and irrigated with hot springs water! The taste and texture is unlike anything else I've had.

Chuan Chi 川七 veg stir fried with dried fishlings - A great unique local veg and also grown and irrigated with hot springs water in Yi Lan county. Darker green hue, leafy stem, and juicy with a nice crisp. Unbeatable flavor

sea snail/conch type thingy stir fry - with Yi Lan scallions (the equivalent of Tokyo Negi or really really really large green onions), basil, soy sauce, some seasonings. Great toothsome bounce on the sea creature, and the scallions were wonderful too.

This place maybe a sit down restaurant, but it is not upscale by any means. It is definitely pricier than street food, but you are getting quality.

Again, very typical local food to have after some R&R at the hot spring spa places. Probably more enjoyable with some alcohol if you choose.

Fresh vegetables of the day

Live lobster in tanks

礁溪鵝肉郎海鮮 (Goose Guy Seafood)
礁溪鄉信義路29號1樓 (Jiaosi - Xinyi Road #29, 1st FL, Yilan County)

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