Monday, March 8, 2010

[新竹縣] - 春上布丁蛋糕 - Chunsun Pudding Sponge Cake from Hsinchu

Oh why oh why is it so freakin difficult to find a nicely done cake?

I don't mean the western styles that you can hop into Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco etc and get your sugar overload.

Japanese style soft sponge cakes....., even the Sheng Kee's, Sogo's of Northern California are generally a big fat fail. :-/. While I like certain Hong Kong style bakeries (e.g. Kee Wah), it's out of the way and not even the same thing. Unfortunately the best Japanese style bakery is Satura, which is 1) too expensive and 2) closer to French/Cali style in nature for their offerings.

This is where Taiwanese bakeries in Taiwan make the perfect match....localized but yet amazingly delicious and light.

Anyhoo, someone was super kind during our last Taipei trip to have his friend pick up a Chunsun Pudding Cake 春上布丁蛋糕 for us. From the little I know, this shop has been around for some time and specializes in this delectable sponge cake which for some reason they call it "pudding cake". I suppose it does have the texture of really really good Asian style milk pudding.

We tried the regular flavor and also a chocolate one. Both were SEXCELLENT.
You'd think something like this is readily available in Northern California and should at least taste as good.

But I guess not.

春上布丁蛋糕 Chunsun Cake
新竹縣竹北市文興路二段98號 (Hsin Chu county, Chubei city, Wen Hsin Rd 2nd portion #98)
(03) 6577-222



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